Gunsmith Taylor House's Favorite Firearm Cleaning Products

Aug 08 2022

While there are tons of options to choose from when it comes to cleaning your firearm, the products listed below are gunsmith approved by one of our own, Taylor House.

Taylor started his career in the firearm industry as a Shoot Smart Range Guide with the goal of becoming a Gunsmith one day. With his drive and passion he was able to achieve this goal.

Taylor joined the Army Reserves and served 6 years as a 91B, which further strengthened his love for guns. Soon after starting at Shoot Smart, Taylor accepted a position as an apprentice in the gunsmith shop. Working hands on in a professional shop only increased Taylor's knowledge of firearms. In 3 years, working under the Gunsmith Manager and the other gunsmiths, he went from barely knowing how to disassemble a firearm to being a fully certified and competent gunsmith.

Some of Taylor's favorite firearm cleaning products are:

“It’s a good product that's safe to use in your own home. It does an excellent job cleaning carbon and light copper fouling, all while having little to no odor and being non-toxic.”

“This is a high-quality lubricant that is a good rust inhibitor and slightly thicker than some competing oils. This viscosity helps reduce friction and allows it to stay in place longer before needing to be reapplied. It's perfect for the hot Texas climate, where thinner oils will run off of where it needs to be in the firearm.”

“These are great for keeping just about any handgun bore nice and clean. The nylon brush fits bore sizes 9mm up to 45 cal and the plastic rod ensures you won't damage any surfaces that it might rub against. Its compact and long-lasting nylon brush makes it very convenient to keep in a small cleaning kit. Don't have a Glock? Bought one used and didn't get a brush with the pistol? Don't worry, bore brushes and rods can be sold separately.”

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