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Carrying At The Fair?

Cassie Shockey

Can I Carry at the fair? The Texas State Fair kicks off at Fair Park in Dallas this Friday, the 24th. And with Constitutional Carry now in effect, I’m sure many people are wondering, can I carry at the fair? Fortunately for... Read More >

Texas LTC going away September 1?

Cassie Shockey

Over the past month, countless family, friends, and customers have asked some variation of the same question. “Why are you still offering LTC classes if it’s going away on September 1st?” My answer is always the same because ... Read More >

Top 3 Reasons To Take A Lesson.

Cassie Shockey

“Can you tell me if this gun is loaded? I bought it a few years ago and put it in my (closet/dresser/nightstand/safe). Now I can’t remember if it’s loaded and don’t know how to check.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve he... Read More >

Ellie's Training Adventure - Troubleshooting

Ellie Everett

I was more confident going into Troubleshooting than the first two classes. However, I was still a little stressed imagining what could go wrong with a firearm. Could it backfire? Could it hurt me in some way? What was I goin... Read More >

Family Preparedness Resources

Cassie Shockey

Original article written March 3, 2021 by Caleb Causey for Lone Star Medics. Reposted with permission of Lone Star Medics. Your life is your responsibility. Your family is your responsibility. Now that more folks are taking a... Read More >

Ellie's Training Adventure - On Target

Ellie Everett

Last Tuesday, I participated in the second class of my training adventure, On Target. I was nervous and a little worried going into the class because I suddenly couldn’t remember what I learned in the New Shooter class. I rea... Read More >

Ellie's Training Adventure - New Shooter

Ellie Everett

Growing up, the only time I shot a firearm was on a friend’s ranch when I was young -- and it was a BB gun. However, my dad and grandpa were determined to turn me into a sharpshooter by teaching me everything about training a... Read More >

How Often Should I Clean My Firearm?

Cassie Shockey

When it gets dirty! Just kidding. This is a valid question. How often you clean your firearm depends on a few factors, such as how often you use it, how you use it, and environmental considerations such as high humidity, whi... Read More >

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