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Duty to Retreat

Cassie Shockey

Original article WRITTEN FOR US LAW SHIELD. Reposted with permission of US LAW SHIELD.“Duty to retreat” is a phrase you’ll hear from time to time when discussing lawful self-defense. It's a term that is frequently misundersto... Read More >


Cassie Shockey

TEN TIPS FOR FIREARM SAFETY IN YOUR HOME Christmas is only eleven days away. And I’m sure like every year, numerous adults and kids will be unwrapping their first firearm. But not all of those new firearm owners are familiar... Read More >

Black Friday Shopping Safety

Cassie Shockey

Every year the news on Black Friday afternoon and the following day is filled with stories of stampedes, fistfights, near-riots, and injuries sustained by Black Friday shoppers. This may make Black Friday shopping seem danger... Read More >

The Do’s and Don’ts of Flying with Guns

Cassie Shockey

Original article WRITTEN FOR US LAW SHIELD. Reposted with permission of US LAW SHIELD.Whether you’re a brand new gun owner or have been around firearms your entire life, it’s important to remember there are very specific rule... Read More >

Everything You Need to Know About Brandishing

Cassie Shockey

Original article WRITTEN FOR US LAW SHIELD. Reposted with permission of US LAW SHIELD.Depending on which survey you read, there are anywhere between 100,000 and 3.6 million defensive gun uses per year in the United States. On... Read More >

Running Safety

Cassie Shockey

Now that we are past summer and second summer in Texas, I’m seeing more and more people in my neighborhood out walking, running, and jogging. But it’s evident, at least to me, that most of them have not thought about how to w... Read More >

Halloween Safety

Cassie Shockey

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Halloween. It’s a great excuse for kids and adults to escape from reality for a few hours and pretend to be someone/something else, followed quickly by crashing from too much candy and excit... Read More >

Vehicle Storage

Cassie Shockey

“Constitutional Carry” has caused a significant amount of controversy and confusion for Texans. The most recent point of confusion seems to be who can carry a firearm in a vehicle and how. I’m happy to report that “Constituti... Read More >

Campus Carry

Cassie Shockey

Before we get too far into discussing campus carry, I should probably explain what campus carry is. Campus carry took effect on January 1, 2016. Texas government code §411.2031 allows LTC holders to carry a concealed handgu... Read More >

Open Carry Tips

Cassie Shockey

Open carry is now an option for both License Holders and non-license holders who meet the legal requirements. But there is more to openly carrying a firearm than many people initially think. Below are our top three tips to op... Read More >

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