The FREEDOM to shoot!

We don’t believe in limiting your time on the range. That’s why we never charge by the hour or have time limits on our lanes. Never feel rushed at Shoot Smart.

Hours and Rates

All Shoot Smart locations are open to the public seven days a week.

Mon - Thu: 10am - 9pm

Fri - Sun: 9am - 9pm

Unlimited Range Time
Mon - Thu
Fri - Sun
Traditional Lane: Per Person
Private Suite: Primary Person

Additional Shooters 1/2 Price when sharing a suite

Unlimited Firearm Rental
Eye & Ear Pro Rental
Firearms Transfer Fee
Member Transfer Fee
as low as $0
as low as $3
Eye pro rental


Rental ear protection is now available at all locations for $7.99. Eye pro FREE with ear pro rental.

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Introducing a new way to save at Shoot Smart.

Lane Bundles are now available! Everyone knows that hitting the range is important to maintain your skills and sanity. Now you can hit the range more frequently and save money at the same time with a Lane Bundle. Pre-purchase 5, 10, or 20 lane rentals to use at your convenience. Lane bundles can be redeemed at any location for either primary or additional shooters on our traditional lanes or private suites.

Pre-buy lanes, save now, shoot later.


5 lanes - $135.96 (Up to $20 savings)

10 lanes - $220.94 (Up to $98 savings)

20 lanes - $339.90 (Up to $280 savings)

Looking for a unique holiday gift? Give the gift of range time with a 5 Visit Lane Bundle.

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Shoot Smart Gift Card 100 LYT Blue card

Range Gift Cards

For the first time ever, Shoot Smart range gift cards are available for purchase online! Give the gift of range time, merchandise (including firearms and ammo), or gunsmithing without leaving the house.

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Range Rules

Universal Firearm Safety Rules

1. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction.

2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

3. Always keep the firearm unloaded until ready to use.

4. Know your target and what is beyond.

5. Make sure the firearm is safe to operate.

6. Know how to use the firearm safely.

7. Use only the correct ammo for your firearm.

8. Wear ear and eye protection as appropriate.

9. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.

Shoot Smart Range Rules:

1. Unload firearms before entering the facility. If the firearm is not in a case or holstered, the action
must be locked open.
2. No more than two shooters are allowed on a lane.
3. Load firearms in the shooting booth ONLY. Do not load firearms in the ready area.
4. Open one door at a time when entering or leaving the range.
5. Do not take any loaded or jammed firearms out of the shooting booth. Put the firearm down on
the table in the shooting booth with the muzzle pointed to the backstop, and notify a range
safety officer to assist you.
6. Allow at least two seconds between shots (except in a private suite).
7. Do not exchange firearms with anyone in another lane. Switch shooters, not firearms.
8. Do not draw from a holster (except in a private suite).
9. No steel jacket or steel core ammunition.
10. No food, drinks, or smoking on the range.
11. Use only factory new ammunition in rental firearms.
12. Do not throw any ammunition or empty shells into the trash containers.
13. Only cartridges from the approved cartridge list are allowed. No black powder. We permit full-metal jacket (copper or brass), soft points, hollow points, #4 buckshot or larger (#3, #2, #1, #0, #00, #000) and slugs in all calibers (including .410 gauge). No steel-jacketed projectiles, no tracers, no painted tips.
14. Cease fire: on this command, stop firing, unload, open the action, lay the firearm down, and
step back from the firing line.
15. No one under age 18 without direct supervision of a parent or responsible adult in the same lane.

Range safety officers will bar anyone handling a firearm in an unsafe manner or anyone believed to
be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Firearm Rentals

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Get comfortable with your first firearm or find your next one with a firearm rental at Shoot Smart. Personal comfort and fit are very important when considering your first or next gun. Our Firearm Rental service provides you the convenience of trying before you purchase. For one flat fee, you can relax, take your time, and try out any number of different firearms to help choose the one that’s right for you. Plus, there is no limit on time or gun exchanges.

Unlimited Firearm Rentals: $19.99

Includes shotguns, rifles, pistols, or revolvers.

View Rentals

Welcome to the
Shoot Smart Gun Range

From exclusive Private Suites to traditional lanes, our ranges have what you're looking for.

Range Waiver

Private Suites


A Shoot Smart Exclusive: Private Suites

Beginner and experienced shooters alike will love the privacy and exclusivity. No matter your experience or skill level, a Shoot Smart Private Suite is a great way to get the most focused time and enjoyment from your range experience.

Maybe you’re a beginner, nervous around others as you learn about firearms. Or, perhaps you’re an experienced shooter, just looking for privacy and a place to practice freely. Regardless, you are sure to appreciate the exclusive Shoot Smart Private Suites. The suites are designed to put you at ease, have fun, and feel safe. Newcomers can rest assured they’ll be able to practice and learn in privacy.

And more advanced visitors can practice and hone their skills with their choice of firearms, whether handguns, rifles and shotguns. They’re free to shoot fast, work on advanced skills, bring family and friends, or just be left alone to practice.

Visit The Range Today

Private Suites

Beginner and experienced shooters alike will love the privacy and exclusivity. No matter your experience or skill level, a Shoot Smart Private Suite is a great way to get the most focused time and enjoyment from your range experience.

Traditional Lanes

Experience a traditional gun range environment on our traditional lanes. Spend your time on the range side by side with other enthusiast. A quick and easy way to get on a lane and get firing.

Enjoy More Benefits with a Shoot Smart Membership

If you like to visit the range frequently, then a Shoot Smart Membership is the smart way to get the most bang for your buck – while saving money on other products and services, too!



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