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Gunsmith Gallery

View some of our recent Gunsmith projects.


Range Info

Unlimited Range Time = The FREEDOM to shoot!

We don’t believe in limiting your time on the range. That’s why we never charge by the hour or have time limits on our lanes. So you never feel rushed at Shoot Smart.

Eye pro rental


Rental ear protection is now available at all locations for $7.99. Eye pro FREE with ear pro rental.

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Hours & Rates

Open to the public seven days a week.

Unlimited Range Time
Mon - Thu
Fri - Sun
Traditional Lane: Per Person
Private Suite: Primary Person

Additional Shooters 1/2 Price when sharing a suite

Eye & Ear Pro Rental
Unlimited Firearm Rental
Firearms Transfer Fee
Member Transfer Fee
as low as $0

New To Shooting?

You're in the right place! No gun experience? It’s no problem at Shoot Smart.

Never fired a gun? Never handled any type of firearm, period? Shoot Smart is ready to help you every step of the way.

Our experts will take it slow and explain it all step-by-step. The goal is to first make you comfortable, and then make you confident. Even if you don’t yet own a gun, we can get you started learning and appreciating all the sport has to offer.

Already Experienced
with Firearms?

You’ll like us, too. Shoot Smart is the type of range any seasoned firearm owner appreciates. We respect both your experience and your privacy, offering you a comfortable and accommodating facility to practice and polish your skills.

You value the ability to practice advanced shooting skills including full-auto and rapid-fire, practice these skills and more in the Private Suites. What’s more, you’ll never feel pressured at Shoot Smart. We will never try to up-sell you on any product or service. At Shoot Smart, your time is your own, to spend it as you like – privately and free of distractions.



Beginner and experienced shooters alike will love the privacy and exclusivity. No matter your experience or skill level, a Shoot Smart Private Suite is a great way to get the most focused time and enjoyment from your range experience.

Maybe you’re a beginner, nervous around others as you learn about firearms. Or, perhaps you’re an experienced shooter, just looking for privacy and a place to practice freely. Regardless, you are sure to appreciate the exclusive Shoot Smart Private Suites. The suites are designed to put you at ease, have fun, and feel safe. Newcomers can rest assured they’ll be able to practice and learn in privacy.

And more advanced visitors can practice and hone their skills with their choice of firearms, whether handguns, rifles, and shotguns. They’re free to shoot fast, work on advanced skills, bring family and friends, or just be left alone to practice.

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Firearm Rentals


Get comfortable with your first firearm or find your next one with a firearm rental at Shoot Smart. Personal comfort and fit are very important when considering your first or next gun. Our Firearm Rental service provides you the convenience of trying before you purchase. For one flat fee, you can relax, take your time, and try out any number of different firearms to help choose the one that’s right for you. Plus, there is no limit on time or gun exchanges.

Unlimited Firearm Rentals: $14.99

Includes shotguns, rifles, pistols, or revolvers.

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Universal Firearm Safety Rules

1. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction.

2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

3. Always keep the firearm unloaded until ready to use.

4. Know your target and what is beyond.

5. Make sure the firearm is safe to operate.

6. Know how to use the firearm safely.

7. Use only the correct ammo for your firearm.

8. Wear ear and eye protection as appropriate.

9. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.

Shoot Smart Range Rules:

1. Unload firearms before entering the facility. If the firearm is not in a case or holstered, the action

must be locked open.

2. No more than two shooters are allowed on a lane.

3. Load firearms in the shooting booth ONLY. Do not load firearms in the ready area.

4. Open one door at a time when entering or leaving the range.

5. Do not take any loaded or jammed firearms out of the shooting booth. Put the firearm down on

the table in the shooting booth with the muzzle pointed to the backstop, and notify a range

safety officer to assist you.

6. Allow at least two seconds between shots (except in a private suite).

7. Do not exchange firearms with anyone in another lane. Switch shooters, not firearms.

8. Do not draw from a holster (except in a private suite).

9. No steel jacket or steel core ammunition.

10. No food, drinks, or smoking on the range.

11. Use only factory new ammunition in rental firearms.

12. Do not throw any ammunition or empty shells into the trash containers.

13. Only cartridges from the approved cartridge list are allowed. No black powder. We permit full-metal jacket (copper or brass), soft points, hollow points, #4 buckshot or larger (#3, #2, #1, #0, #00, #000) and slugs in all calibers (including .410 gauge). No steel-jacketed projectiles, no tracers, no painted tips.

14. Cease fire: on this command, stop firing, unload, open the action, lay the firearm down, and

step back from the firing line.

15. No one under age 18 without direct supervision of a parent or responsible adult in the same lane.

Range safety officers will bar anyone handling a firearm in an unsafe manner or anyone believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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Personal Safety Brief

Schedule your Personal Safety Brief Today!

We know your first visit to the range can be intimidating, especially if you are new to firearms. To ease your fears and make your first visit more enjoyable, we are now offering Personal Safety Briefings. In this 30-minute session, our friendly and patient instructors will guide you through basic firearm safety and range etiquette. Leave your personal briefing and head to the range feeling confident in your ability to handle firearms like a seasoned pro.

Conquering your fears on the range is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Schedule a Personal Safety Briefing online
  2. Learn the basics with your personal coach
  3. Hit the range with fresh confidence and have a blast!


Schedule Now

Not ready to schedule? Contact a Shoot Smart Coach for more information.

Andrew Bailey

Training Info

We want to share our love of shooting with anyone who has an interest in learning. And we want every Shoot Smart customer to experience maximum enjoyment and satisfaction from their gun ownership. That’s why we recommend considering one of our many Firearm Training Classes.

Whether you’re a novice just starting out, or an accomplished shooter with years of experience, you’ll find a class that will sharpen your skills and improves your abilities. Our certified instructors will provide you invaluable insights and knowledge, to maximize your time and fun with every session.


Learning to use a firearm with a group of strangers can be intimidating. Or maybe you’d rather train at a faster pace. Book a one-on-one lesson with a Shoot Smart certified coach or instructor for a customized learning experience.

License to Carry

The Licence to Carry process can be confusing and stressful. Let our state-certified instructors guide you through the process. Over 10,000 students chose Shoot Smart for their License. Let us guide you too.


True Confidence With Your Firearm Begins With Training. Shoot Smart offers training for all skill levels.

Training Packages

You shouldn't have to take out a loan and a week off work to learn new skills. Training packages save you money on classes and can be booked to fit your busy schedule.

It's as easy as Buy Now, Book Later, Get Trained.

Training Gift Cards

Give the gift of training

Looking for a truly unique gift for a family member or friend? Why not give the gift of training? A digital training gift card is always the right color and size and can be delivered right to their email inbox on time.

* Digital training gift cards valid on Shoot Smart training classes only. Not valid on any other services or merchandise.

Gunsmith Info

BW Chris W Upper

Gunsmith Gallery

View some of our recent Gunsmith projects.


With today’s wide variety of firearms, their mechanical operation and required maintenance can be both intimidating and confusing for many – especially first-time gun owners. That’s why our Shoot Smart Gunsmiths are so beneficial to our customers. Each of our certified gunsmiths is trained to offer the best in personal service to keep your firearm functioning at its best level of performance and reliability.

Our gunsmiths are there to clean your gun, repair it, or modify it to better suit your personal needs. And, they’re outfitted with the skills to do the job right the first time.

Alliance Gunsmith:
10 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday

Grand Prairie Gunsmith:
*10 am to 7 pm Tuesday and Saturday

Benbrook Gunsmith:
*10 am to 7 pm Wednesday and Friday

* Temporary hours. Drop off service available at all locations for service M-Th 10am - 9pm and F-Su 9am - 9pm.

Meet the smiths

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Chris Graves
Gunsmith Manager, Alliance

Chris has been taking care of our customers’ firearms while maintaining the Shoot Smart fleet for several years. During his tenure here, Chris has developed a loyal customer following — he’s a terrific gunsmith and a very personable guy to work with.

Chris graduated from the Colorado School of Trades in Denver with a certificate in gunsmithing in 2005. He immediately went to work in the central gunsmith shop at Gander Mountain. In 2010, Chris moved from his home state of Wisconsin to Texas and took a position as the assistant gunsmith at Elk Castle range in west Fort Worth. He joined the Shoot Smart team in May 2012.

While firearms may be a first love for Chris, he also hunts and fishes and earned his private pilot’s license in 2003. Along the way, he became an excellent marksman. If you want to know if your gun is off or if you are off, ask Chris to shoot it for you. Then you’ll know for sure.

Pistol repairs, modifications, and maintenance are the bread & butter for our gunsmith shop right now, but Chris does love to work on rifles, especially bolt-action rifles, and shotguns. He would also be glad to build a rifle just for you — he’s great at figuring out what to build based on your intended use, such as long-distance competition or hunting. And he’s great at working within your budget to get the job done.

Chris is married and has two children and lives in north Fort Worth.

817-984-8020 EXT. 116

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Alex Van Sickle

Alex Van Sickle
Gunsmith, Benbrook & Grand Prairie

Alex Van Sickle graduated from the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School in 2015. Ever since he was a kid, he always had a passion for firearms and learning about them. He joined the Shoot Smart team in August 2015.

While gunsmithing may be his passion in life, he also enjoys hunting, 3-position small-bore, trap, camping, snowmobiling, and steam engines.

Lever-actions and pistols are his personal favorites to work on, but he will gladly build a rifle to fit any person. Alex is from the Buffalo, New York, area. He works in the gun shop at the Shoot Smart Grand Prairie location.

Contact Alex directly at

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Gunsmith Services, Reasonably Priced

Hourly Rates

  • Standard Rate: $72/hr.
  • Machine Rate: $92/hr.
  • Minimum Job Charge: $30

Clean & Oil

  • Express Cleaning (handguns only): $17*
  • Handgun: $47
  • Long Gun: $67
  • Cleaning Plan: $74.95

Sight Work

  • Rifle Sight-In (Indoor 15 yds): $39**
  • Rifle Sight-In Outdoor (100yds): $100/single**
  • Rifle Sight-In Outdoor (100yds): $75/firearm (2+ guns)**
  • Scope Mount & Bore Sight: $39*
  • Glock Sight Install: $29*
  • Handgun/Rifle Sight Install: $39*
  • Install Stake on Sight Set: $49*
  • Shotgun Bead Install: $35 plus bead*
  • Drill & Tap (for sights/scope base): $33/hole*
  • Verify Sight Alignment: $20 including ammunition*

**Customers provide ammo (no FMJ) Modification of scopes, mounts, sights not included

Stock Work

  • Bed Stock without Pillars: $150
  • Bed Stock with Pillars: $175 plus pillars
  • Recoil Pad Job: $85**
  • Sling Stud Installations (studs not included): $35
  • Free Float Barrel Channel: $35
  • Stock Refinishing: $72/hr.

**Includes cutting down stock if needed, but does not include pad

Firearm Finishes

  • DuraCoat®/Cerakote Base Price (pistols, one color): $150
  • DuraCoat®/Cerakote Base Price (rifles, one color): $250
  • DuraCoat®/Cerakote Base Price (multiple colors): $150 + $50/color
  • DuraCoat®/Cerakote Base Price (patterns): Request a quote
  • DuraCoat® Slide/Frame: $100
  • Bluing (pistols, matte finish): Starting at $150
  • Bluing (pistols, polished finish): Starting at $250

*While you wait service

Handgun Work

  • Revolver Action Job: $100**
  • Bob Hammer Job: $50
  • Trigger Job: $72/hr **
  • Polish Barrel and Feed Ramp: $35
  • Install Trigger Kit: $45 (kit not included)
  • Install Gunsmith Fit Trigger Kit: $72/hour (kit not included)
  • M&P Trigger Job: $85
  • Glock Ghost Trigger Job (Not including 42/43): $85
  • Dovetail Slide: $92/hour
  • Dovetail Slide for Bo-Mar: $150
  • Dovetail Slide for Novak: $100
  • Mill Slide for Red Dot Sight: $145
  • Custom Slide Milling: $92/hr.
  • Undercut Trigger Guard: $50
  • Remove Finger Grooves (Glock): $30
  • Remove Backstrap Hump: $80
  • 360 Grip Stippling: $150
  • Polymer Frame Stippling: $72/hr.

**plus parts if needed

Rifle Work

  • Check Head-space: $35*
  • Chamber Cast: $35
  • Barrel Lapping: $72/hr.
  • Cut & Crown: $92
  • Chamfer Crown: $25*
  • Thread Barrel for Muzzle Device: $115
  • Thread Barrel for Muzzle Device (metric/left-handed threads): $150
  • Shrewd Muzzle Break Install: $225**
  • Thread Barrel for Indexed Muzzle Device: $135
  • Install Muzzle Device (Pre-Threaded Barrel): $15*
  • Trigger Work: $72/hr.
  • Trigger Installation: $35
  • AR-15, Assemble Upper: $75
  • AR-15, Assemble Lower: $75
  • AR-15, Install Handguard: $45*
  • Ruger 10/22 Auto Bolt Release: $35
  • Blueprint Remington 700 Receiver: $85
  • Remington 700 Install over-sized bolt knob: $85
  • Barrel Blank Install: $350
  • Install Short Chambered Barrel: $250
  • Pin & Weld: $75

**includes CM or SS Shrewd break

Shotgun Work

  • Lengthen Forcing Cone: $72/barrel
  • Open Choke (for fixed choke barrels): $72/barrel
  • Choke Installation (one barrel w/o chokes): $150
  • Cut & Crown: $72
Blue Guns Background


Regular firearm inspections and certifications can be a headache for any business or organization to manage, especially for insurance purposes. Let our skilled team of certified Gunsmiths take care of everything with our firearm inspection and certification services.

Sevices include:

  • Safety Inspection
  • Function Check

Add-on Services Offered:

  • Cleaning
  • Test Firing

Firearm inspection and certification services can be completed on-site at your location or in our full-service Gunsmith shop and range. Contact us today for a quote.

Contact Us
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Cleaning Plan - Let us do your dirty work

Your firearm needs frequent cleaning to keep it in top condition. Our Firearm Cleaning Plan takes the hassle and worry out of it. This plan includes one cleaning a month to keep your firearms in top condition. Easy drop off and pick up for your convenience.

Learn More
Firearm Class Training Image

I love this place. Finally took my conceal license, Cassie made it interesting and fun. Thanks to all at Shoot Smart for being so friendly, knowledgeable and fun!

Jan Niece

Shoot Smart is definitely the best gun range I've been to in the Dallas area...They even have an electronic queue system so you can get in line while dealing with the traffic on Highway 360!

Eric Men
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Firearms and Ammo

We still have firearms and major ammo calibers in stock at all locations. Check our in-store inventory now!

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Shop Online

Prefer shopping from your couch? No problem, check out our huge online inventory now.

* Online orders are not available for same-day pickup. We will call when your order has been delivered, processed, and is ready for pickup.

Shop Online

Regardless of your experience level, you’ll feel at home here.

We hold the door open wide for anyone interested in learning about or practicing firearms skills, gun safety, target shooting, concealed carry, or personal protection. Open to the public, Shoot Smart is your range. All are welcome – women, men, even entire families – regardless of race, religion or creed. You will leave feeling comfortable and at home at Shoot Smart.

Shoot Smart Fort Worth Gun Range Shooting

All are welcome
at Shoot Smart.

Whether you are a highly experienced pistol or long gun aficionado, or a first timer who’s a total beginner at everything, you’ll quickly discover Shoot Smart is the place for you. You’ll appreciate our low pressure, easy-going style. Not to mention our full complement of amenities and services. It’s not just a visit to the range, it’s a range experience.

Shoot Smart is a full-service gun range. Firearm sales and rentals, the best shooting accessories, membership plans, private shooting lanes, and even an on-site gunsmith, all available for your convenience. Our friendly staff are highly trained, to help you with your needs without any fear or intimidation.

  • Membership Cancellation

    Memberships may be canceled by completing out Cancellation form online here at least seven days prior to the renewal date.

  • Do I need prior experience to shoot on the range?

    No prior experience is needed! We specialize in new or novice shooters and can provide you with everything you need to get started; if you feel a bit nervous about your first visit, we recommend scheduling a Personal Safety Brief.

  • How much is a lane rental?

    View our current rental rates here.

  • How many lanes does Shoot Smart have?

    Alliance has 10 lanes, and 5 suites, Grand Prairie has 7 lanes and 4 suites, Benbrook has 7 lanes and 6 suites.

  • What are the differences between traditional lanes and suites?

    Learn more about our unique lanes here.

  • How many customers can be on one lane?

    Up to 2 customers are welcome in our traditional lanes, and up to 4 are welcome in our suites at a time. Please note that these restrictions may vary at the discretion of the store manager.

  • Can I reserve a lane?

    We do not have a reservation system at this time. All lane rental is first-come, first-serve. However, you can join our queue from home here.

  • How long are the lanes at Shoot Smart?

    All lanes are 15 yards.

  • What is the minimum age for children to shoot on the range?

    The minimum age is 8 years old. All children 8 to 18 must be supervised in the lane by an adult who is NOT shooting.

  • Is Shoot Smart open to the public?

    We are open to the public seven days a week until 9 pm. No membership needed to visit.

  • Can I get a membership?

    Yes! You can see our membership options here.

  • Can I shoot full auto?

    You are welcome to shoot your own full-auto firearms or our rentals in the private suites.

  • Can I shoot a rifle at the range?

    Yes, handguns, rifles, and shotguns are all welcome in our private suites. You can also practice holster work and rapid-fire in the suites.

  • Can I shoot a shotgun at Shoot Smart?

    Yes in our private suites. We just ask that you use #4 buckshot or larger (#3, #2, #1, #0, #00, #000) and slugs.

  • How much do you charge for ammunition?

    Our ammunition prices vary by caliber and brand, but we offer competitive and convenient prices on ammo to save you a trip to the big box store! Call or email for specific information.

  • What kind of ammo is allowed?

    We permit full-metal jacket (copper or brass), soft points, hollow points, #4 buckshot or larger (#3, #2, #1, #0, #00, #000) and slugs in all calibers (including .410 gauge). No steel-jacketed projectiles, no tracers, no painted tips. We check ammo. To find out if your projectile is steel-jacketed, hold a magnet to the tip of the projectile. If it sticks, you have a prohibited material that we cannot accommodate.

  • Do you sell guns?

    Yes. We sell popular models of handguns and rifles. Check out our web store, too!

  • Do you have the rental gun I want?

    Very likely! We maintain rental fleets that vary between 80 – 100+ firearms. Our fleets contain the most popular firearms on the market, along with many fun guns and sometimes rare finds. If you are looking for a particular model, please contact us with the models you prefer.

  • What's the minimum age to rent firearms?

    Customers must be older than 18 years to rent a lane or rifle and must be 21 or older to rent a handgun. Customers who appear younger than 35 may be required to show proof of age with a valid ID or DL.

  • Do you offer instruction?

    Yes, we offer classroom instruction and private lessons, taught by our certified instructors. In fact, we teach thousands of students every year! You can learn more about our classes and instructors here.

  • Do you offer carry classes?

    Yes, we do. The Texas License to Carry class is offered throughout each month. You can see the schedule here.

  • Do you have a gunsmith?

    Yes, we employ a master gunsmith to handle the needs of our customers, as well as an assistant gunsmith at each store. Learn more about our gunsmith services here.

  • Do you have eye and ear protection?

    Yes. Hearing protection is available to rent at each location for $7.99. Eye protection is FREE with a hearing protection rental.

  • Can I transfer a gun that I buy online to Shoot Smart?

    Yes. Members pay as low as $10 per item transferred, and non-member transfers are $55 per item transferred. Please complete our transfer form online here before sending us the item.

  • Where is Shoot Smart located?

    You can find our location information here. We have three locations: Fort Worth/Alliance, Benbrook, and Grand Prairie.

  • In-Store Refund and Exchange Policy

    Shoot Smart will issue refunds or exchanges for most unopened items in new condition and returned within 90 days with a receipt or valid customer profile. Firearm, ammunition, and gift card sales are final and are not eligible for return or exchange.

    Cash returns are available, as cash or store gift cards, if the customer has a valid receipt or a current customer profile, including relevant transaction history, and the original purchase was a cash transaction. Valid cash returns exceeding $100 will be processed by check, mailed to the customer within 10 - 15 business days. Shoot Smart is not responsible for lost or stolen checks. Check transactions will be treated as cash. All other returns will be refunded using the same method as the original payment.

  • Web Store Return Policy

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request within 10 business days of the receipt of the product. Items (excluding the list below) may be returned or exchanged unopened in the original box for store credit, or a refund. Refunds will be less a 25% restocking fee and issued based on your original method of payment. Products must be returned within 10 business days of the issuance of the RMA. All products must be packed in the original packaging, including any accessories, manuals, documentation, and registration that shipped with the product. A 15% open box fee in addition to the 25% restocking fee (totaling 40%) will be assessed on any sealed product that is opened or removed from its original packaging. Online orders that are refused at the time of transfer or are canceled after the order has been processed are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Please note that we do not permit the return of the following products:

    • Special orders and products that are custom configured to your specifications.
    • Products sold "as is" or "used" or that have been installed or used after receipt.
    • Firearms once transferred to the buyer.
    • Illumination devices, electronic sights, optics, and night vision equipment.

    NOTE: We recommend that you use a carrier that offers shipment tracking for all returns, and either insure your package for safe return or declare the full value of the shipment so that you are protected if the shipment is lost or damaged in transit. If you chose not to use a carrier that offers to track and insure or declare the full value of the product, you will be responsible for any loss or damage to the product during shipping.

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers limited tracking capabilities and that there is a 30-calendar-day waiting period before USPS will initiate a trace. The customer is responsible for shipping charges both ways on returns, as well as for shipping charges on shipments that are refused.

  • Training Refund Policy

    Shoot Smart will issue refunds for unused services within 90 days of purchase, with a receipt or valid customer profile. Gift cards, Lane Bundles, and services that have been canceled or rescheduled are not eligible for a refund.

    Credit or Debit refunds must be issued to the original credit or debit card listed on the receipt. If that card is no longer available; credit will be issued to the customer’s MindBody account for the full value of the return. MindBody account credit may be used to purchase other training classes, private lessons, or memberships. MindBody account credit may not be used on in-store merchandise or range time.

  • Training Cancellation Policy
    • Students may reschedule a class, lesson, or event once without losing the registration fee.
    • Bookings canceled between 72 and 24 hours may receive a partial 50% refund.
    • Bookings canceled within 24 hours or students who no show will not receive a refund.

Locations & Hours


Mon - Thu: 10AM - 9PM


Fri - Sun: 9AM - 9PM

Fort Worth Alliance
10305 North Fwy (I-35W)
Fort Worth, TX 76177

Join the Line

9455 Benbrook Blvd
Benbrook, TX 76126

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Grand Prairie
2440 W. Main St
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

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