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Firearm Transfer Policy

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By transferring a firearm through Shoot Smart, you agree to abide by the Shoot Smart Firearm Transfer Policy.

Maybe you saw a great firearm deal online and couldn’t resist. Now you need a place to have it legally shipped. Well, relax, because Shoot Smart is a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). That means you can have your new firearm sent directly to us, and we’ll handle all the legal paperwork and requirements needed for you to take delivery.

All you have to do is fill out the form located below. Then, a Shoot Smart Customer Service Rep will contact you when your firearm is ready to pick up. Be sure to have a copy of your firearm purchase confirmation to present when you pick up your transfer. The purchaser must be the same as the transferee at the time of pick-up.

Our FFL transfers are $55 for non-members, or as low as $10 for Shoot Smart members, for each firearm transferred. To start the transfer process, please complete the form above.

Please have a copy of your firearm purchase confirmation with you when you pick up your transfer. The purchaser must be the same as the transferee at time of pick-up. Texas ID, Drivers Licence, or License to Carry required to complete transfer.

U.S. law requires that licensed dealers provide secure gun storage or safety devices with every handgun transferred to non-licensees. Therefore, Shoot Smart shall include a gun lock, for a nominal fee, with any handgun, which does not already include a secure gun storage or safety device, that is transferred through Shoot Smart. We encourage you to verify gun locks are provided with your purchase prior to transfer. Please contact us if you have questions, and thank you for understanding.

We do not currently accept the transfer of NFA or Class III firearms.

Firearm Transfer Policy

Policy: Firearms that are transferred to Shoot Smart, but not collected by the transferee, are covered by this policy. By transferring a firearm to Shoot Smart from a third-party seller, the buyer agrees to the following terms of this policy, including the assessment of fees and potential forfeiture of the firearm. This policy also applies to firearms lost by customers on Shoot Smart premises.

Possession: Shoot Smart, as a licensed Federal Firearms Licensee, through federal laws

regulating firearms and firearm commerce, including acquisition and disposition, has possession

of all firearms acquired until said firearms are successfully disposed of according to the law.

Storage Fees: All customer firearms covered by this policy must be picked up or claimed

within 14 calendar days from the date of acquisition, as marked in the bound book. Any firearm

picked up after the 14th day is subject to a $5 storage fee per calendar day, calculated from

the date of acquisition. Storage fees, in addition to transfer fees and all other applicable fees,

must be settled in full prior to transferring the firearm or returning the firearm to its


Denied Firearms: If the firearm buyer is "denied by NICS," Shoot Smart may assist the buyer to return the firearm to the seller and provide appeal information to the denied buyer. The buyer is

ultimately responsible for obtaining the return authorization from the original seller. The buyer is

responsible for return postage, which will be assessed prior to posting the return. Some sellers

have a no return policy. Firearms purchased through 3rd party sellers by denied buyers, and not

returned to the seller, are forfeited to Shoot Smart, except where prohibited by law. Customers

appealing the denial decision have one year to complete the process, after which time, Shoot

Smart considers the firearm to be abandoned.

Abandoned Firearms: Firearms are considered abandoned and forfeited to Shoot Smart, after

the sum of assessed storage fees is equal to or greater than the buyer’s demonstrable paid

value, or the determined market value of the firearm (whichever is higher), unless in the appeals

process. At this point in time, when the storage fees have accumulated in value to equal or

exceed the firearm value, ownership of the firearm will transfer to Shoot Smart.

Firearm Transfer Policy R1 20 May 2022


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