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From repair to refurbishing, cleaning to painting, Shoot Smart Gunsmiths will keep your firearm in top condition.

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With today’s wide variety of firearms, their mechanical operation and required maintenance can be both intimidating and confusing for many – especially first-time gun owners. That’s why our Shoot Smart Gunsmiths are so beneficial to our customers. Each of our certified gunsmiths are trained to offer the best in personal service to keep your firearm functioning at its best level of performance and reliability.

Our gunsmiths are there to clean your gun, repair it, or modify it to better suit your personal needs. And, they’re outfitted with the skills to do the job right the first time.

Gunsmith Hours

Alliance Gunsmith:
10 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday

Grand Prairie Gunsmith:
10 am to 7 pm Tuesday through Saturday

Benbrook Gunsmith:
10 am to 7 pm Tuesday through Saturday

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Firearm Inspection and Certification

Regular firearm inspections and certifications can be a headache for any business or organization to manage, especially for insurance purposes. Let our skilled team of certified Gunsmiths take care of everything with our firearm inspection and certification services.

Sevices include:

  • Safety Inspection
  • Function Check

Add-on Services Offered:

  • Cleaning
  • Test Firing

Firearm inspection and certification services can be completed on-site at your location or in our full-service Gunsmith shop and range. Contact us today for a quote.

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Whether you’re a first-time gun owner or a long-time firearm enthusiast, it pays to have a certified gunsmith you know and trust. Let our Shoot Smart gunsmiths give your firearms the professional love and attention they deserve!


Cleaning Plan - Let us do your dirty work

Your firearm needs frequent cleaning to keep it in top condition. Our Firearm Cleaning Plan takes the hassle and worry out of it. This plan includes one cleaning a month to keep your firearms in top condition. Easy drop off and pick up for your convenience.

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Gun Cleaning Lessons

Our certified Gunsmiths are here to teach you proper cleaning and maintenance of your new firearm. In just one hour they’ll take you through disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling of your firearm.

Get the confidence and knowledge you need to take care of your gun.

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Gunsmith Services, Reasonably Priced

Hourly Rates

  • Standard Rate: $72/hr.
  • Machine Rate: $92/hr.
  • Minimum Job Charge: $30

Clean & Oil

  • Express Cleaning (handguns only): $17*
  • Handgun: $47
  • Long Gun: $67
  • Cleaning Plan: $74.95

Sight Work

  • Rifle Sight In (Indoor 15 yds): $39**
  • Rifle Sight In Outdoor (100yds): $100/single**
  • Rifle Sight In Outdoor (100yds): $75/firearm (2+ guns)**
  • Scope Mount & Bore Sight: $39*
  • Glock Sight Install: $29*
  • Handgun/Rifle Sight Install: $39*
  • Install Stake on Sight Set: $49*
  • Shotgun Bead Install: $35 plus bead*
  • Drill & Tap (for sights/scope base): $33/hole*
  • Verify Sight Alignment: $20 including ammunition*

**Customers provide ammo (no FMJ) Modification of scopes, mounts, sights not included

Stock Work

  • Bed Stock without Pillars: $150
  • Bed Stock with Pillars: $175 plus pillars
  • Recoil Pad Job: $85**
  • Sling Stud Installations (studs not included): $35
  • Free Float Barrel Channel: $35
  • Stock Refinishing: $72/hr.

**Includes cutting down stock if needed, but does not include pad

Firearm Finishes

  • DuraCoat®/Cerakote Base Price (pistols, one color): $150
  • DuraCoat®/Cerakote Base Price (rifles, one color): $250
  • DuraCoat®/Cerakote Base Price (multiple colors): $150 + $50/color
  • DuraCoat®/Cerakote Base Price (patterns): Request a quote
  • DuraCoat® Slide/Frame: $100
  • Bluing (pistols, matte finish): Starting at $150
  • Bluing (pistols, polished finish): Starting at $250

*While you wait service

Handgun Work

  • Revolver Action Job: $100**
  • Bob Hammer Job: $50
  • Trigger Job: $72/hr **
  • Polish Barrel and Feed Ramp: $35
  • Install Trigger Kit: $45 (kit not included)
  • Install Gunsmith Fit Trigger Kit: $72/hour (kit not included)
  • M&P Trigger Job: $85
  • Glock Ghost Trigger Job (Not including 42/43): $85
  • Dovetail Slide: $92/hour
  • Dovetail Slide for Bo-Mar: $150
  • Dovetail Slide for Novak: $100
  • Mill Slide for Red Dot Sight: $145
  • Custom Slide Milling: $92/hr.
  • Undercut Trigger Guard: $50
  • Remove Finger Grooves (Glock): $30
  • Remove Backstrap Hump: $80
  • 360 Grip Stippling: $150
  • Polymer Frame Stippling: $72/hr.

**plus parts if needed

Rifle Work

  • Check Head-space: $35*
  • Chamber Cast: $35
  • Barrel Lapping: $72/hr.
  • Cut & Crown: $92
  • Chamfer Crown: $25*
  • Thread Barrel for Muzzle Device: $115
  • Thread Barrel for Muzzle Device (metric/left-handed threads): $150
  • Shrewd Muzzle Break Install: $225**
  • Thread Barrel for Indexed Muzzle Device: $135
  • Install Muzzle Device (Pre-Threaded Barrel): $15*
  • Trigger Work: $72/hr.
  • Trigger Installation: $35
  • AR-15, Assemble Upper: $75
  • AR-15, Assemble Lower: $75
  • AR-15, Install Handguard: $45*
  • Ruger 10/22 Auto Bolt Release: $35
  • Blueprint Remington 700 Receiver: $85
  • Remington 700 Install over-sized bolt knob: $85
  • Barrel Blank Install: $350
  • Install Short Chambered Barrel: $250
  • Pin & Weld: $75

**includes CM or SS Shrewd break

Shotgun Work

  • Lengthen Forcing Cone: $72/barrel
  • Open Choke (for fixed choke barrels): $72/barrel
  • Choke Installation (one barrel w/o chokes): $150
  • Cut & Crown: $72

Locations & Hours


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Fri - Sun: 9AM - 9PM

Fort Worth Alliance
10305 North Fwy (I-35W)
Fort Worth, TX 76177

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9455 Benbrook Blvd
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Grand Prairie
2440 W. Main St
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