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Group Training

Schedule a private class for your group. Great for church groups, businesses, friends/family, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or any other group.

Most Popular Group Classes

Learning a new skill is always more fun with friends. Grab a group and schedule a private class today.

Texas LTC

Learn the in's and out's of Texas firearm laws and how to complete the Texas License to carry application process.
  • Open carry law
  • Concealed carry law
  • Where you can and can’t carry
  • Non-confrontation strategies
  • How to complete the state application process

Prerequisites: This class does not teach firearms use. You must be proficient with your firearm to be able to pass the shooting test.

New Shooter

If you’re new to shooting and have little to no experience with a handgun, this is where you should start. Our instructors will patiently teach you the fundamentals of shooting and the basics of gun safety, so you can have confidence and fun on the range.


  • Gun safety
  • The parts of a semi-automatic pistol
  • 7 shooting fundamentals

You will fire a .22 caliber pistol at a paper target on our range.

Rapid Fire

Improve your speed and sharpen your skills by learning how to shoot in fast, tight groups.


  • How to shoot faster while maintaining accuracy
  • Fast reloading
  • How to shoot multiple targets on command
  • Skill advancement

You will be firing 100 rounds of ammo with a pistol at a paper target on our range.

Group Training

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