You Can Never Have Too Many Guns

May 24 2021

I want to start this article by stating that the following is based on my own opinions, and I understand that not everyone will agree. But, MoreGunsAren’tAlwaysBetter. Whew, there I said it. If you need me to repeat that slower, I said, more guns aren't always better.

Last year, I attended an advanced shooting course with Army Rangers Ben and Chris. During a break, a few of us had an in-depth discussion about our everyday carry guns and collections. I don’t consider myself a "collector," but I do have a few more guns than I would like to admit. The instructor Ben overheard our conversation and made a compelling argument that hit close to home.

The topic of conversation was “you can never have too many guns in your collection.” Ben challenged this thought by asking the group, "How many of you have an EDC (everyday carry)?" Of course, we all raised our hands. He then asked, "How many of you have your EDC with all the bells and whistles that you would like?" Only about half of the group, including myself, raised our hands in agreement. Lastly, he asked, "how many of you own guns that you have not physically put your hands on in over a year?" Most of us raised our hands. He went on to explain that at one point, he used to have the same mentality and had more guns than he could regularly shoot. He realized that he could easily sell a few of the guns that he hadn’t shot in a year or more and use the proceeds to upgrade his EDC equipment and other frequently shot firearms.

By cleaning out the safe from time to time, you are not only making a profit on your purchase, but you are also able to give your gun a new home with someone that will love it more than you do! And simultaneously get that optic, trigger, or paint job you have had your eye on. This obviously wouldn’t apply to firearms with sentimental value if you have an unlimited budget or are a legitimate gun collector.

Take some time this week to inventory your safe, see if you can think of some upgrades you would like to make to your EDC, and see if you can make some room in the safe all at the same time. Shoot Smart is happy to help your gently loved firearms find a new home with our Used Gun purchase program. Bring your used firearms to any location to receive an estimated purchase price.

- Jesse Ortega

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