Ammo-Mergency! We Need You!

Aug 07 2020

By now, the uncertain supply of ammunition and firearms is well known throughout the industry. In the wake of COVID-19 and protests around the nation, both the demand and supply sides of the industry have been hit hard. While Shoot Smart continues to receive and stock ammunition readily available for shooters, the industry as a whole has been reeling.

Here is one article citing the great challenges we all face because of business interruptions and spikes in demand.

In response to the ammunition crisis, Shoot Smart has implemented a number of actions, including temporary restrictions on quantities, temporary limitations on sales only to range guests, and removing the machine guns from our rental fleets. Operations Director, Jared Sloane, says, "We're watching the situation in real-time and working closely with our supply chain. Manufacturers and distributors are telling us the ammo is coming, and we continue to see ample supplies at our stores."

In addition to temporary measures, Shoot Smart is asking all 2A supporters to get into the range, even with the shortage. One way your rights can be infringed is by circumstance, and in this case, gun owners are encouraged to keep practicing.

At Shoot Smart, we're doing everything we can to source ammunition and keep you shooting. We need you to continue training and shooting! Lanes are available now. We appreciate your support and your patience, and as always...

Shoot Safe. Shoot Straight. And Shoot Smart.

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