A Blast From the Past - GLOCK P80

Sep 21 2020

Have you seen the new reproduction of the Glock P80? Lipsey's recently released an exclusive historical reproduction of the original GLOCK pistol.

The first GLOCK was designed by Gaston Glock and a team of engineers in 1981. The Austrian Army designated this first GLOCK as the Pistole 80. These are often known as the “G17s” which were only available for a couple years before the “Gen2” model was introduced.

The GLOCKS marked P80 were never imported to the US, but now the reproduction is here. The markings on the reproduction are the same as the original model from the early 1980s. Featuring non-railed frames without finger grooves and wrap around pebble grain texture, the reproduction is just like the original. GLOCK and Lipsey’s combined forces to recreate the single pin frame and the original flat extractor too.

The classic “Tupperware” style container has also been re-manufactured for this throwback reproduction. The new exclusive GLOCK P80 was created to give enthusiasts a chance to have a piece of the company's history and roots. Each GLOCK P80 comes with a commemorative overbox and certificate of authenticity.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on one of these Retro GLOCK P80s stay tuned for a special opportunity from Shoot Smart

For specifications and more info visit the Lipsey's website here.

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