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Featured Instructors

J Loza Web

Joe Loza
Alliance Store Manager/Instructor

Specialties: New Shooters, LTC Prep, Holster Use, Rapid Fire, Increasing Accuracy Under Stress, Low Light Shooting, Moving and Shooting, Competition Training.

Home Range: Alliance

Availability: Sunday - Friday

Originally from Riverside, California, with thirteen years of active duty military experience and extensive training with leading industry professionals, Joe has a wealth of firearms and tactical knowledge to share with his students. From beginner to advanced shooters, Joe is ready to work with anyone who is eager to learn and has a passion for proper firearms handling. Joe has been a part of the Shoot Smart family for over 8 years and has instilled firearms confidence in hundreds of students. Joe is one of three Shoot Smart instructors to recently become USCCA certified instructors in Concealed Carry & Home Defense and Defensive Shooting Fundamentals.

Instructor Q&A

  • Why do you enjoy shooting?
    • I enjoy the challenge as well as the confidence it builds to protect yourself and others if necessary.
  • What's your favorite part about teaching lessons?
    • I love giving others the confidence and excitement that comes with increasing their shooting skills.
  • #1 Safety Tip?
    • Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
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J Gould Web

Joyce Gould

Specialties: New Shooters, Women, LTC Prep, Basic AR-15 Skills, and Holster Use.

Home Range: Benbrook

Availability: Sunday - Thursday

Joyce came to us from a family of hunters, law enforcement officers, and military personnel. Being surrounded by these people, Joyce grew up an avid shooter and has been enhancing her own skills and training since she joined our team over three years ago. She has a passion for teaching anyone but has a special love for working with first-time shooters.

Instructor Q&A

  • Why do you enjoy shooting?
    • At the age of 10 I took my first shot. My parents made sure that my siblings and I had a respect for firearms, and an understanding of how to handle them safely. I like that shooting challenges me mentally and physically.
  • What is your favorite part about teaching lessons?
    • I especially love working with new shooters and experiencing their very first shot because it can be a very empowering and life-changing moment.
  • Fun fact
    • I used to jump out of perfectly good airplanes for fun!
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A Bailey Web

Andrew Bailey

Specialties: New Shooters, concealed carry from holster, purse, and backpack, AR-15 skills, defensive pistol and shotgun training, urban environment and home defensive training, and youth shooter training

Home Range(s) Alliance & Grand Prairie


- Alliance: Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Saturday

- Grand Prairie: Tuesday & Friday

After spending time as a USMC combat engineer, Andrew joined the Shoot Smart family in 2017. He quickly became a great instructor sharing his vast knowledge from his experience in the Marines, numerous courses, and certifications. Andrew is especially good at helping students take their LTC skills to the next level and work on concealment methods and defensive pistol tactics. In addition, he feels called to train others so that they can protect themselves and their loved ones should they ever need to. Andrew is one of three Shoot Smart instructors to recently become USCCA certified instructors in Concealed Carry & Home Defense and Defensive Shooting Fundamentals.

Instructor Q&A

Why do you enjoy shooting?

  • Shooting has always been something I understand and pick up quickly. I enjoy the challenge of constantly refining my skills mentally and physically. I have always felt a call to protect people by training myself and others so that they have the skills and confidence to be in charge of their own safety and to protect their loved ones.

What is your favorite part about teaching lessons?

  • I probably get more excited than my students do when I see the improvement and leaps forward they take. I enjoy developing a close relationship with my students so that I know them and can be of better service to their needs. My favorite thing is receiving thank you cards as well as whole families that come in together to learn and knowing that you have made a difference in their lives.

#1 Safety tip

  • Respect firearms but do not fear them. Learning everything you can builds knowledge and confidence in order to handle them safely in all situations.
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Why Private Lessons?


No Pressure

Learning to protect yourself and your family shouldn't be a terrifying experience. Private lessons are completed 1-on-1 with your instructor, not in a group setting. This leaves you free to focus on learning and having a good time. You can trust our instructors to be discrete and sensitive to your needs.


Learn at Your Pace

Instructors will work with you to create a custom lesson plan based on your needs and schedule. Move through your training as quickly or as slowly as you like. Most students complete 3 - 5 lessons, while others continue their training more regularly.


Over 10K Students Taught

Over 10K students have learned to be safe and responsible firearms owners with Shoot Smart. Join the group and become confident with firearms too!

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What to Expect in Your First Lesson

Your first lesson with Shoot Smart will follow this basic outline:

  • A discussion of your needs, goals, and concerns
  • Learning the basic firearm safety rules
  • An overview of shooting fundamentals
  • Range time (time permitting)
  • Next steps to continue your private lesson journey
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What Else Can I Learn?

Looking for more than just the basics? Our certified instructors can help you learn advanced skills like:

  • Increasing accuracy
  • Clearing jams or malfunctions
  • Rapid fire with precision
  • Holster presentation
  • Reloading under pressure
  • Flashlight use

No matter what your personal protection needs, our instructors will guide you along the way. Private lessons are completely personalized. Work with your instructor today to develop a multi-lesson plan that's right for you.


Locations & Hours


Mon - Thu: 10AM - 9PM


Fri - Sun: 9AM - 9PM

Fort Worth Alliance
10305 North Fwy (I-35W)
Fort Worth, TX 76177

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9455 Benbrook Blvd
Benbrook, TX 76126

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Grand Prairie
2440 W. Main St
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

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