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One experience is all it takes to ignite someone’s passion. Learn more about the +One Mentor Program below.

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What is +ONE?

One experience is all it takes to ignite someone’s passion, and introducing a friend or family member to shooting sports is no different - it can foster the American ideals of freedom, responsibility, and self-reliance. Shoot Smart is excited to partner with the National Shooting Sports Foundation to promote the +One Movement (“plus One”). That’s our promise to secure the future of shooting sports, one invitation at a time. We invite you to take our +One Mentor Challenge and introduce 16 new people to shooting sports. Each mentor will receive a +One challenge coin, 16 weeks of exclusive, “Mentor-Only” promotions, and customized recruitment tools.

How It Works

Stop by any Shoot Smart location to become one of a select group of +One Mentors and claim your +One Challenge coin. Only a handful of these coins are available at each location, so be sure to join today!

Each week, receive a special text message with a Mentor Offer. To redeem, bring a new shooter (+ONE) to the range along with the offer and your coin.

+ONE Rules:

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must be new to Shoot Smart (not in our systems)
  • Limit one +ONE per mentor per week
  • +ONE may not participate in more than one week

Weekly Offers

Week 1

100 rounds of Aguila .22 LR ammo FREE when you present your coin and +ONE at any Shoot Smart location.

Available 3/23/2020 - 3/29/2020. Limit one per Mentor.


How To Ask

Not sure how to ask someone to join you on a trip to the range? Check out some tips in the below video.

5 Essentials for Mentors.

Top 5 things to know before heading to the range with your +ONE.

  1. Safety First. Review firearm safety rules with your +ONE before hitting the range (link to rules)
  2. Eye & Ear Protection. Make sure your +ONE has the proper fitting eye and ear protection. Don't have a spare set? No problem, we have rentals available for $5.
  3. Fun Targets. No need for their first range visit to be boring. Pick some fun targets like battleship or poker to give them an experience to brag about.
  4. The Right Fit. Make sure to select a firearm that's appropriate for a first-time shooter and fits your +ONE's hand. Not sure what to pick? We recommend starting your Mentee out with a .22 caliber handgun or rifle, then moving to a larger caliber when they are comfortable.
  5. Have Fun! Their first visit to the range doesn't have to be intimidating. Be encouraging and positive while your +ONE is shooting; if they have trouble feel free to ask a Range Guide to give them some pointers.


We all have a fear factor, that one thing that makes us stop dead in our tracks or at least makes us think twice before we do something.

I have several, but because I have friends who love me (in a familial and sadistic way) I will only disclose one: I have this thing about drowning. My palms get a little sweaty driving over big bridges, fishing in a bass boat or relaxing in a hot tub. No, you will not catch me diving off the high board anytime soon.

Certainly, fear is what keeps some people from learning how to shoot. The media and television have convinced them that all firearms are bad and no one should touch them. Of course, we who are familiar with firearms know those things aren’t true, but how do we convince others who haven’t experienced what we have?

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Help spread the word about the +ONE Program by sharing your experiences at Shoot Smart on social media. Posting pictures and videos is a great way to encourage others to join you next time, and don't forget to tag Shoot Smart in your posts!

Example Social Posts:

I’m a proud mentor at Shoot Smart, my favorite local indoor gun range! If you’ve never been to a gun range before or even held a gun, let me show you why I’m so passionate about shooting sports. If you’d like to join me at Shoot Smart this week, PM me. My special mentor perks make it easy for you. #LetsGoShooting #PlusOneMovement #Mentorship #ShootSmart

A lot of you have asked me about my passion for shooting. Let me show you why it’s important to me with a trip to Shoot Smart. My special mentor perks make it affordable, and the team at Shoot Smart makes it simple. PM me if you’d like to join me. #LetsGoShooting #PlusOneMovement #Mentorship #ShootSmart

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