Gunsmith Shops Open.

The Gunsmiths Shops are open for business at all locations. We will adhere to CDC, county, and state guidance and not allow more than 10 people in any room of our facilities at any given time.

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Gunsmith Hours

Alliance Gunsmith:
10 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday

Grand Prairie Gunsmith:
10 am to 7 pm Tuesday through Saturday

Benbrook Gunsmith:
10 am to 7 pm Tuesday through Saturday

With today’s wide variety of firearms, their mechanical operation and required maintenance can be both intimidating and confusing for many – especially first-time gun owners. That’s why our Shoot Smart Gunsmiths are so beneficial to our customers. Each of our certified gunsmiths is trained to offer you the best in personal service to keep your firearm functioning at its best level of performance and reliability.

Our gunsmiths are there to clean your gun, repair it, or modify it to better suit your personal needs. They are outfitted with the skills to do the job right the first time. Whether you’re a first-time gun owner or a long-time firearm enthusiast, it pays to have a certified gunsmith you know and trust. Let our Shoot Smart gunsmiths give your firearms the professional love and attention they deserve!

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Chris Graves
Gunsmith Manager, Alliance

Chris has been taking care of our customers’ firearms while maintaining the Shoot Smart fleet for several years. During his tenure here, Chris has developed a loyal customer following — he’s a terrific gunsmith and a very personable guy to work with.

Chris graduated from the Colorado School of Trades in Denver with a certificate in gunsmithing in 2005. He immediately went to work in the central gunsmith shop at Gander Mountain. In 2010, Chris moved from his home state of Wisconsin to Texas and took a position as the assistant gunsmith at Elk Castle range in west Fort Worth. He joined the Shoot Smart team in May 2012.

While firearms may be a first love for Chris, he also hunts and fishes and earned his private pilot’s license in 2003. Along the way, he became an excellent marksman. If you want to know if your gun is off or if you are off, ask Chris to shoot it for you. Then you’ll know for sure.

Pistol repairs, modifications, and maintenance are the bread & butter for our gunsmith shop right now, but Chris does love to work on rifles, especially bolt-action rifles, and shotguns. He would also be glad to build a rifle just for you — he’s great at figuring out what to build based on your intended use, such as long-distance competition or hunting. And he’s great at working within your budget to get the job done.

Chris is married and has two children and lives in north Fort Worth.

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Alex Van Sickle

Alex Van Sickle
Gunsmith, Grand Prairie

Alex Van Sickle graduated from the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School in 2015. Ever since he was a kid, he always had a passion for firearms and learning about them. He joined the Shoot Smart team in August 2015.

While gunsmithing may be his passion in life, he also enjoys hunting, 3-position small bore, trap, camping, snowmobiling, and steam engines.

Lever-actions and pistols are his personal favorites to work on, but he will gladly build a rifle to fit any person. Alex is from the Buffalo, New York, area. He works in the gun shop at the Shoot Smart Grand Prairie location.

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Earl Webb

Earl Webb
Gunsmith, Benbrook

Earl graduated with honors from the Colorado School of Trades with an Associate of Occupational Studies in Gunsmithing. Escaping Western New York to work for Shoot Smart in September of 2016, he started at the Gunsmith Shop.

When the Benbrook location opened in the summer of 2017, Earl’s former customer service experience and gunsmithing expertise made him an ideal candidate to take on the gunsmithing function there. While curios and relics (C&R) may be his personal favorite, he will gladly do his best to help you with any firearm-related problem or task you have.

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