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Top 5 reasons experienced shooters LOVE Shoot Smart.

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Already Experienced with Firearms?

You’ll like us, too. Shoot Smart is the type of range any seasoned firearm owner appreciates. We respect both your experience and your privacy, offering you a comfortable and accommodating facility to practice and polish your skills.

You value the ability to practice advanced shooting skills including full-auto and rapid-fire, practice these skills and more in the Private Suites. What’s more, you’ll never feel pressured at Shoot Smart. We will never try to up-sell you on any product or service. At Shoot Smart, your time is your own, to spend it as you like – privately and free of distractions. Sign up to receive emails from us and learn the top 5 reasons experienced shooters LOVE Shoot Smart. #1 will SHOCK you!

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Nice range with very polite and professional staff. I would highly recommend this place!

B. Osborne
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Everyone at Shoot Smart are helpful and puts safety first.

M. Kern


Range Tips & Tricks

Rental Fleet How To

Range Tips & Tricks

Make your range experience as safe and fun as possible with these basic tips and tricks.

  1. Know the range rules. Read the range rules now to know what's expected. View the rules here.
  2. Speed up your check-in process by completing the participation agreement online here.
  3. Want to save money on every visit? Consider signing up for one of three available membership levels and receive exclusive benefits like $0 lane and suite rentals.
  4. Take advantage of our exclusive Private Suites. Practice with your rifle, pistol, or shotgun in the privacy of your own room. Plus practice advanced skills like holster work and rapid-fire.

Sign up to receive emails from us and learn the top 5 reasons experienced shooters LOVE Shoot Smart. #1 will SHOCK you!

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Rental Fleet How To

With an extensive rental fleet available, you have more options to choose from when searching for the perfect firearm, or more ways to have a "blast" on the range with family and friends. Unlimited firearm rentals - $19.99. Try as many out as you like for one flat fee!

Brining a new shooter with you?

Get them started with a .22 caliber handgun or rifle.

Want to try before you buy?

Our Unlimited firearm rentals mean you can test fire as many options as possible for one flat fee. Find the perfect firearm to fit your needs at Shoot Smart.

Looking for something fun?

Why not give some of our more exotic rentals a try? Our rental fleets always have unique options available like lever-action rifles, shotguns, the Desert Eagle, and handguns with red-dot optics.

Full Autos

Ready to take your range experience to the next level? Then give our Full Auto firearms a try. Experience real full-auto fire under the supervision of our experienced Range Guides. Full Auto rentals - $30.

Gun Rentals
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Recommended Gear

Chances are you already own the basics every experienced shooter should have on hand. Eye pro, ear pro, and a case or bag for your firearm. But you might be missing some key items that can take your range experience to the next level.

Gear recommendations:

  1. Pistol sleeve/ case - Keep each firearm scratch-free in your range bag with its own pistol sleeve.
  2. Cleaning Kit - Keep your firearms in top condition with a cleaning kit.
  3. Loader - The more you shoot, the more time you spend loading magazines. Shorten your downtime between mags and save your hands the strain with a magazine loader.
  4. Range Bag - You have all your range equipment, how do you store it all? Keep your gear organized and within reach with a range bag.
  5. Electronic ear protection - Easily hear your family, friends, and RSO commands with electronic ear protection. Be sure to look for options with an auto shut off feature to save your batteries.

Stop by any location for assistance selecting the best equipment for your needs and budget. Or visit our we-store below to shop from the comfort of your own home.

Shop Online Now

Recommended Training

Head off any bad habits you might have and learn your way around a firearm the right way with training.

Holster Draw: This fun class gets you out of the booth and onto the range, where you will learn how to draw from a holster safely. This training is perfect for someone considering competition or carrying for self-defense. This class is sure to get your heart racing! Sign up for a Holster Draw class here.

Self Defense: Do you regularly conceal or open carry, but want to better protect yourself from a threat? Then this is your class. Let our instructors teach you some essential tips and tricks for shooting under pressure and living a defensive lifestyle. Leave this class better prepared each time you leave the house. Sign up for an Self Defense class here.

Private Instruction: Train at a faster pace with a private lesson. Book a one-on-one lesson with a Shoot Smart certified coach or instructor for a customized experience. Work with your instructor to develop a personalized lesson that fits your goals and experience level. Flexible scheduling options on weekdays, weekends, or evenings give you the freedom to book based on your schedule. Shoot Smart instructors have coached over 4,000 people on their path to firearms proficiency. Join the club today by scheduling your first lesson. Schedule a Private Lesson here.



  • What's the minimum age to visit the range?

    Kids 8 and up are welcome to share a lane with a parent or guardian 21 or older.

  • Can I bring my own ammo?

    Yes you can! We just ask that your ammo not be not steel core, steel jacket, bi-metal, or painted tip. And we have both rentals and ammunition conveniently provided at affordable rates.

  • Do you have a rifle range?

    You are welcome to shoot rifles in our ranges - on our unique Private Suites. Our lanes are less than 25 yards, but in addition to using your rifle calibers, we can assist with sight ins, too.

  • How long do we have to shoot?

    Shoot Smart never has time limits meaning you can shoot as long as you like. Or at least until we close at 9 PM.

  • Do I have to have a Membership?

    Membership is not required to use the range. But does offer some great benefits like FREE lane rentals. Check out our memberships here.

  • Can I shoot a Shotgun at your range?

    You are welcome to shoot Shotguns in our Private Suites. We just ask that you use Buckshot or Slugs when shooting. Don't own a Shotgun? No problem, we have rental Shotguns available.

  • Do I need to reserve a lane?

    Reservations aren't needed. Just stop by the range M-F from 10 AM to 9 PM, or S-Su from 9 AM to 9 PM.

  • Do you have a dress code?

    We don't have a dress code, but do have recommendations when it comes to what to wear to the range. We recommend you wear close-toed shoes, avoid low cut clothing, and a baseball cap can help to keep shell casings away from your face. Other than that, we ask everyone to wear eye and ear protection.

Training Recommendations


10305 North Fwy (I-35W)
Fort Worth, TX 76177

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9455 Benbrook Blvd
Benbrook, TX 76126

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Fort Worth
6062 E Lancaster Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76112

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Grand Prairie
2440 W. Main St
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

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