Holster Draw

March 18, 2021
at Shoot Smart Alliance

6:00pm - 9:30pm

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This fun class gets you out of the gun range booth and learning how to draw from a holster. The perfect training for someone considering competition or carrying for self-defense. It’s a class that’s sure to get your blood pumping and heart racing!


  • How to select and place your equipment
  • Draw and return from a holster
  • How to get on target faster
  • How to reload quickly
  • How to engage multiple targets
  • How to shoot at longer distances

9mm pistol and matching holster will be provided to all students in this class.

Prefer to learn using your own equipment? No problem, schedule a Holster Draw lesson here.

Price: $100/person

Class Length: 4 hours

Prerequisite: You must know how to shoot a pistol safely. Students who are unable to demonstrate safe firearms handling will be removed from class.

Required Equipment:

  • 100 rounds of ammo
  • Belt

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