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Black Friday only gift card sale! 20% off all range, merchandise, and gunsmith gift cards.

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Sold milk chocolate pistol with case

Solid Milk Chocolate 1977

13.5 oz of solid milk chocolate 1911? Chocolate 1911 secured in a real foam interior gun case.

Price $25.46

Chocolate ammo tin

Chocolate Ammo

Who doesn't love chocolate? And chocolate ammo is even better! This reusable, lockable, and stack-able mini ammo can contains 20 rounds delicious .50 caliber REAL milk chocolate bullets.

Price $11.00

Ben Shot Bulletproof Bullet Shot Glass 308 bullet 580x 2x

.308 Shot Glass

Take your "shot" game to the next level with this .308 shot glass. Perfect for the shooting enthusiast or shot glass collector in your life. Hand embedded with a genuine, lead-free, solid copper .308 bullet.

Price $12.71

308 pub mug beer

Bullet Pub Glass

This Bullet Pub Glass is a handmade masterpiece (yes, it's REAL glass!) with a genuine .308 caliber projectile embedded in the side. Who could ask for a better way to drink a cold one?

Price $21.21

PROSHOT universal kit open and closed

Proshot cleaning kit

From new shooter to expert, every firearms enthusiast needs a cleaning kit handy. Get them set up with a PROSHOT Universal kit, or a PROSHOT AR-15 kit. Both kits include everything they need to keep their firearm in top condition.

Universal kit $38.21

AR-15 kit $36.67

Drago double pistol case

Drago Double Pistol Case

Friends don't let friends transport their firearms to the range in a grocery sack. Help keep their firearms and accessories secure and organized with a Drago double pistol case. Available in black, seal gray, and OD green.

Price $16.99

SS Logo Keychain

.308 Keychain Bottleopener

In this fast-paced world, multi-tasking is key. This genuine .308 key-chain is the perfect answer. Keep keys organized and always have access to a cold one.

Price $6.76

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